Tile Shower Floor in Bathroom Ceramic Tile Designs


When it comes to the bathroom, the bathroom ceramic tile designs will help you a lot to decide which one that would work for your bathroom. Other than ceramic, there are other types of tiles such as natural stone, glass, and porcelain tiles. Each one has its own pros and cons as well as a wide range of options available on the market.

bathroom ceramic tile designs
bathroom ceramic tile designs

In this article, we are going to show you the characteristics of tiles that would be suitable for floorings. Read this article till the last word though.

How to tell a good tile for flooring

Besides the aesthetic looks, the tiles for flooring materials will need to fulfill three main things. The tile should be slip-resistant since you will step on the floor and there would be water everywhere. Other than that, it also should be relatively impervious towards the water. Also, the size of the tile should appropriately match the slope of the shower area and bathroom overall space.

The popular options

When it comes to the popular options some types of natural stones and porcelain tiles might be pretty popular for flooring material. On the other hand, ceramic tiles are not too suitable since they have not proper texture so it could be pretty slick unless you choose the small scale tiles. In fact, no installation of tiles that is absolutely waterproof. Other than that, the tiles should not have to be so impervious unless you put the shower for outdoor uses or exposed to extremely cold temperatures. However, if the tiles are low in density then it would not be a perfect option for your bathroom floor.

The size of bathroom ceramic tile designs

When it comes to the size of the tiles, it could affect to things at once: the slip resistance and the flexibility of the design. Typically, the slope in the shower floor would be around ΒΌ inch per foot to the drain. Also, it typically has several planes that will lead the water to one point.

This is why it would be difficult to install tiles bigger than 6inch x 6inch on it. We highly recommend you to choose as big as a 4inch x 4inch piece of tile or smaller to make a better yet variety surfaces. Smaller tiles will also require more grout lines which would provide a better grip and less slippery. You may take a look at the customized cut for the tiles provided by designers or certain brands for bathroom ceramic tile designs.

bathroom ceramic tile designs

bathroom ceramic tile designs
bathroom ceramic tile designs